Top Of The Most Popular Outdoor Sport Around The Around World

Outdoor sport is considered as one of the most attraction with a lot of people around the world. In order to direct individuals to get involved in these activities, this article will cover the most typical outdoor sport which catches the attention of thousands of people around the world.

The Football

It is estimated that there are about 3.6 billion of inhabitants getting involved on this sport. It is reviewed that sport is played based on the simple regulations, which makes them become the most favorable sport around the world in terms of players as well as the amount of audiences.

This sport was first performed with only two candidates for each team. They tried their best to push the ball into the net. In spite of inventing early, it was until the 19 century, this sport strongly developed in UK with the comprehensive regulations.

The football develops so quickly that its coverage is throughout the world. Currently, any city owns some football team. It is attractive until the end of the competition.


There are about 2.6 billion of people around the world participating in this sport. At the moment, this type of sport is being played at many countries; especially those nations belong to the Britain Association. This sport is much favored with a large amount of fans in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, as well as the United Kingdom.

According to some rumor, this sport was introduced in the 16 century. However, in reality, it was until the year of1700s, this sport was officially popular with the full law system. Cricket is performed by the two teams which include 11 players for each one. The match last until the judge finds the winner.

As a result, there are some competitions which last within 5 days. This is one of the most considerable points which makes it quite different compared to the softball in addition to the difference in the shape of the stick, as well as the uniform of the players.

It is said that the India as well as Britain are the two leading countries with the excellent cricket teams, which are followed by the Australia and South Africa.

The Hockey

It is estimated that more than2 billions of people around the world caught their eyes on this type of sport. This sport was initially developed in the Europe as well as the Asia since the 3 century BC. It was until the 19 century, the Britain people developed this sport based on the modern regulation.

Until the 20 century, India and Pakistan are the best strong countries in this sport. However, after that it was outnumbered by two nations named Australia and Finland. In the North America, the number of players for this sport is extremely high. However, based on the global area, men are the min subject of this sport.


With about 1 billion of people getting involved in, the tennis is evaluated as the most typical with two players around the world. The sport officially began in the 14 century. It is said that the French Louis X King even built a special tennis yard in the year of 1400.however, it was until the 19 century, and this sport was officially regulated with the modern law.


The rule for this sport is quite simple. The competition can be able to be taken place on the grass yard, cement or sand.  It was firstly played at the Olympic in the year of 1964 but it was until the Olympic 1996, it was accepted as the main sport for competing. It is reviewed that US and Brazil are the strongest volleyball teams around the word.

The Table Tennis

It is evaluated as the favorable sport in China. However, now, it is strongly developed in the Asia as well as Europe. Like the football, this sport catches a lot of attention from the individual due to the fact that the money for purchasing the tool to play is not high.

The Softball

Being introduced in the United Kingdom, softball is evaluated as the most complex sport with a numerous laws. It regulation has not been changed since 1901. Cuba is considered as the leading countries with the powerful teams in this sport.

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