Things You Need To Know When Choosing The Motorcycle Battery

As a fact, though the motorcycle battery as well as the rest categories of vehicle batteries are designed doe the long-lasting life, the battery will be gradually slow down, even wear out over time. This phenomenon can be analyzed as when the sulfate flowing out the plates starts to form a residue on the plates, it will diminish slowly the conductivity. In this article, the author will help you look for the useful knowledge about 12v motorcycle battery regarding the choice, installation, and the maintenance for your next motorcycle battery.

Select The Suitable Size

So as to select the correct size of motorcycle battery, you should know the CCA (the abbreviation of Cold cranking Amps) of your bike. Speaking to the technique term, CCA is defined as the amount of amps of the lead-acid batteries at 0 degree F, which can deliver within 30 seconds the required CCA. Therefore, you should take a careful measurement about the width, length, and height of the cavity to make sure the right fit.

Installation And Removal Basics

As the time goes to replace your motorcycle batter, avoid removing the battery while the engine is operated. For the reason of not having the charge, you need to remove the negative cable before the positive. Also, when you install the new motorcycle battery, please reserve the position and firstly link the positive cable before linking the negative. You need to keep in your mind to determine the negative and positive terminals when attaching the cables. If reversing the polarity accidentally, it may cause the motorcycle battery to inflict or explode, leading the great damage for your electrical system of your motorcycle.


Since the motorcycle battery seems dull or does not start, you just only need to recharge this item. Take caution on checking the voltage of the bike’s battery before recharging and avoid charging the motorcycle battery at the amperage of more than 1/6 the estimated capacity of the battery. For instance, if you have a 5amp-hour battery, you should not charge this battery at the amperage of more than 1 amp. On the contrary, if you have a 12amp-hour battery, you should charge it at a maximum of 2 amps. As a result, almost motorcycle battery has the tendency of calling for charging amperage from ½ to 2 amps. Also pay attention not to using the motorcycle battery charger on your sealed power sport battery. Although it seems an easy process, you should wear the protective eye wear and refrain out of smoking when you work along with the explosive gasses.

As well, before recharging or adding some water, make sure that there is no electric covering on the plates. When adding the water, you should check the vent caps to be reinstalled when charging. Avoid recharging the vent caps or any kind of motorcycle battery when they are opening. As finishing the charge, please turn off the charger when eliminating the charger cables on the motorcycle battery.

Activating Your Motorcycle Battery

If you have just bought the conventional battery, it should be activated rightly for your motorcycle battery. With a non-sealed battery, the process is to add acid and charge the battery to the optimum point functionality. To do this task, fill the battery with the electrolyte remove the filling plugs and sealing tube. Charging the motorcycle battery from 3 to 6 hours at about 1/6 the estimated capacity after leaving the battery rest about 30 minutes. One thing worth mentioning is that avoid requiring any additional electrolyte.

If you seem to need to recharge your motorcycle battery on the basic consistency, it is the likely time for you to replace it without getting stuck when you are driving the motorcycle. To make sure the long-lasting life for your motorcycle battery, it is extremely essential to look for the suitable size for your motorcycle and it should not be overcharged. Also, if you use the motorcycle battery, which is too large or overcharged batteries, it may be the common reason causing the decrease the longevity of the motorcycle battery. You should take your time to select the exact battery to get the high result.