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Some Mountain Bike Helmets For The Best Performance

It is a fact that the bicycle accidents are one of the causes of injuries leading to children and teens. Bicycle accidents are more likely to lead to head injuries due to falls. However, many people are afraid to bring a helmet because it is quite burdensome and does not necessarily limit the damage if the bicycle accident occur. By updating Best Mountain Bike Helmets review, the user can know additional information about special helmet for the mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Helmet With Smart Auto For Help    

When detecting signs of an accident, the helmet automatically sends a distress signal immediately to the emergency contact. The new US scientists have the idea of turning conventional helmet into smart devices, which are able to send signals for help when a user face an accident. The helmet is designed with a very thin sensor, which can be attached to the name ICEdot Crash helmet, and a similar pair is attached to the smartphone.

When sensors detect signs of the accident, it immediately will send a notice to all emergency contact numbers in phonebook after 30 seconds if the victims do not react. GPS navigation system will provide the location of the accident and the condition of the person in distress to the victim’s relatives.

Despite the modern technology, the cost of a helmet for mountain bike like is not too expensive. The users only need to spend about $ 200 and $ 10 subscription service to own the product.

3 In 1 Helmet For Mountain Bike

Many sports require participants to have the head protection device, but that’s a separate hat, which cannot be interchangeable because of different safety standards. However, the Company Cebe, France has introduced a helmet for three different sports: mountain climbing, skiing and biking.

The helmet called Trilogy can achieve all three European standards at the same time including CEN 1078 for mountain bike disciplines; CEN 1077 for skiing and 12 492 CEN for skiing. In addition, the Safety standards also must be accompanied with the convenience, such as the mountain bike must have vents to help cool head.

Trilogy can overcome different requirements thanks to the modular structure customized. The basics of the cap is a dome-shaped structure, which is integrated ventilation unit for climbing, easily appended the half-masks for bikes and keep warm ear pads when climbing.

In order to contribute to reducing human casualties, the companies producing protective equipment Safety Toyo of Japanese has launched a new line of helmets called “Bloom”, which is able to fold up and take with you in the emergency situation.

Bloom is just like the same kinds of conventional helmets, but thanks to specially designed with multiple pieces, it can be folded vertically to save space in your luggage. When required, the employer simply drags rope tied behind hat – the parts will help the pieces come apart, until they assembled together to form a protection tool to make sure the first part before the debris fell from overhead. The whole operation takes only 1 minute.

2 Modes Of Morning And Night Helmets

The famous AGV helmet brand in Italian has debuted electro-chromic glass technology with two modes, which can help the users use the helmet both day and night without causing discomfort.

In particular, between two layers of glass with a layer of film will have the electro-chromic with sensitive material to electric power. When an electric power runs through it, the body back to the position will prevent the light to pass through and act as a sunglass. When a power interrupts, the object will be arranged so that light can pass through as much as possible.

In addition, the glass AGVisor c will likely to be completely waterproof. When used in shady mode (light passes through less) for daytime, the glass can withstand 12 hours, they fell in for the night mode, the telescope can be operated in 50 languages. The AGV helmets equipped with the AGVisor technology can be fully charged within 2 hours, accompanied by resistance to condensation.

AGV said it will soon apply to the line technology AGVisor helmets to the product line of AGV Pista, Corsa, and GT Veloce, which are present in the market.