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Top Backpacks For The Best Hiking For The Beginners

There is no doubt that a good travel backpack is just as you wear the favorite outfit, it is not only stylish, but also bring convenience. It is flexible enough to handle your needs and can be carried to anywhere. However, choosing the best backpacks for hiking is still a major problem for beginner. They may not know the prestigious brand to purchase. Do not worry! This article will list some of the best brand names for your reference.  Here are 7 best backpacks for people who travel frequently, work, day-trips, and hiking.

Fjallraven Maxi Kanken

Fjallraven is a large backpack trademark of Sweden, which has been on the market for over 50 years. Fjallraven Maxi Kanken Backpack is the kind made in the style “backpack tourism expansion,” but this backpack can be carried as a tote bag.

This backpack is made of moisture-resistant Vinylon material; the front logo can reflect light that is ideal for moving in the night with the sleek and simple style. Maxi Kanken backpack of Fjallraven brand is loved by everyone.

The main compartment is large and could widen the 3-inch zipper compartment, which can easily be opened for storage. You can put the furniture for day trips, such as a picnic or gadgets like laptops work to bring it on the plane.

Osprey Variant 52

If you are a regular tourist for hiking, climbing, or camping, the Variant 52 Osprey backpack is the most appropriate choice. On the retail market, a lot of buyers choose this backpack because these features will help you with comfort in any adventure.

Variant Osprey backpack has the large storage space up to 52 liters and can put up with skis, hiking sticks and a dedicated water bag. It weighs just under 2kg bags and attaches cushions on the dashboard and the hip belt, which helps distribute weight evenly across the body.

Patagonia Toromiro

If you’re a businessman often associated with frequent travel or day trips, buy the backpack Toromiro Patagonia. The simple design includes hidden zipper pocket, laptop compartment and square design, which makes it look like a briefcase and quite suitable as travel backpack for women. Also, the backpack has many colors such as green and navy blue, which are ideal for leisure trips and business; or bright colors like orange and purple for young people.


Eagle Creek DoubleBack

If you are looking to buy backpack combined with rollers, the DoubleBack is the most logical choice. Not just a backpack with wheels, in which cabinet inside is like suitcases with zippered compartments, straps to hold clothes. Also, there is bag of drinking water suction hose to allow quick access even when moving.

The backpack has three different colors are black, olive and green, which are different to choose from. Along with warranty packages “No Matter What” includes repair and replacement.

Hyperlite 2400 Windrider

Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (in the “Wild” movie), you will know how important it is to have a travel backpack of waterproof, durable and lightweight. The backpack Windrider Hyperlite 2400 will meet that need.

It has external mesh pockets, detachable aluminum frame and a water bag, which is ideal when moving on the long journey. The backpack is voted to be the best ultralight by backpacker tourist. This backpack is not for people who are traveling by plane or bus, however, it is great for people who travel or hiking trek.


REI Flash 22

The backpack REI Flash 22 is a very versatile, whether you buy backpack for hiking, biking, picnic weekend, it still goes to work well.

The REI Flash 22 has super simple design, ultra-light, the size can hold many toys and bags at the front easily access. The external water tank is large enough to accommodate two large bottles and a hidden zipper compartment for storing items that you need quick access to. Besides, the Flash 22 has a cabinet to store up to 15-inch laptops; water-resistant backpack can resist snow or fog.

SwissGear 1900 ScanSmart

The backpack SwissGear 1900 ScanSmart has separate compartments for laptops, tablets, small travel gadgets, documents and bottles. The compartment for storing computer can accommodate laptops with sizes up to 17-inches.

The compartment for Tablet has the protective padding and small compartments for storing documents, glasses holder, bag and phone accessories to ensure you get quickly when needed.