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How To Choose The Helmet For The Skiing Properly

There is no doubt that Skiing is one of the effective methods to improve your physique, it works not only physically but also on your spirit. Additionally, skiing will help muscles and your fitness to improve, toughness, dynamic will also be increased. The lifespan of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system will also last longer. These improvements will also be affected in a positive way to other activities in your life. But, to skiing safely, you need to wear a helmet to protect your head from being injured. This article will provide you some information about best ski helmets this winter to help you remedy this issue.

Advantage Of Skiing

Skiing gives you the benefits of fitness training, which is similar to your jogging or cycling, to help you have a better cardiovascular system. Just from about 20 ~ 30 minutes a day as you can help yourself physically healthier, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Characteristics Of Product

One of the most popular ski helmets on the current market is Skiing Cougar MT012 helmets. It is tested and checked the periodic quality on the impact force, penetrate, heat, cold, waterproof, elastic to ensure high safety for the users. In addition, porous materials and advanced ABS of Cougar MT012 products help to reduce weight for a helmet and provide comfort and lightness for the team. Furthermore, the core layer of foam and plastic casing is capable of withstanding strong impact force, which will absorb shock well, protect the head from injury in the event of a collision or accident. It is accompanied by a sporty design, which is very stylish, youthful colors; you will be completely assured of quality and fashionable product line of helmets for the skiing disciplines. Below are some features of helmets Patin Cougar MT012

– Lightweight and durable: The ski Helmets Cougar MT012 has only 0.5kg weight, and in one of the lightest helmet brands on the market. The helmet will give you a comfortable feeling and the gentle; help forget feeling of encumbered, discomfort and better focus for each action performed for a long time. Not only that, you will feel relieved once you are  equipped with a quality hat for all the fun.

– High-grade ABS plastic shell: The Cougar MT012 helmet’s shell  is made of hard material with durable ABS plastic to withstand high temperatures, capable of withstanding great impact forces and low penetration capability, helps combat the effects wind outside as dust, noise, fire, collision to protect the head effectively.

– The core of EPS foam: The ski Cougar MT012 helmet has EPS foam core, which can be compressed with high density, so it is lightweight and capable of absorbing high shock, giving the feeling of lightness, comfort and help to protect maximum head, especially when there is a collision or accident. Foam inner liner can be removed easily for washing or drying the wet rain or dust, then you always feel comfortable when wearing a helmet.

– Scientific and fashionable Design: The helmet has the first half of the form design, which has layout pretty much on top vents to help the players feel cool while practicing skiing under the hard weather. Slim-style hat is designed to claw out front, very subversive personality contributed to the dynamic youth, who always want to express their own style when attending training and skiing performances.

– Products with more diverse colors such as yellow, pink, blue, red.

The First Half Helmet Of C & H CH 16B CGV Kitty

The first half helmet C&H CH 16B CGV Kitty for skiing owns the smart design, convenience, youthful colors, just safety while maintaining the aesthetics of the user.

– The helmet’s shell is made from ABS plastic material with rugged features and high penetration.

– Sucking thick foam, which completely eliminates impulse strong external impact, minimizing trauma to the head, the weight is distributed evenly without causing a feeling of heaviness and headaches

– Lining with antibacterial and highly absorbent

– Compact, simple and modern design

– The Orange color combined with the decoration featured in Kitty for ski outfit fun will bring youthfulness, individuality and the investigation.