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Introduce To You The Most Famous Brand For Fish Finder

In the future, after studying the features, we will take the last one kind of the current Sonar manufactured by Canada’s scanning angle scanning MAQ SONAR (called SONAR scanning or fish capture detector). The new device promises to bring about the trip, “Beach” success for fishermen in over the world.

Just by a portable fish finder, it will help you so much in finding fish and determine position to catch more fish. So now, in this article, we will provide to you some knowledge to choose suitable portable fish finder when you go fishing in a beach.

MAQ Sonar scanning detector is horizontal scan angle fish and vertical beam aperture from. While other Sonar machines, conventional beam aperture to the smallest. This is very important for fish detection of different types of fishery. Since opening stand beam angle is Sonar can transmit and detect signals far out fish.

On the other hand, to meet the requirements of exploitation in the various fishing grounds should Scanning MAQ SONAR designed vertical beam aperture can be raised when needed width observed in the deep waters

The fish finder’s most outstanding features is the MAQ SONAR scanning is one circle at a time thanks to 256 sensors mounted around a cylindrical probe

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

The Sonar common type used today commonly found only one detector should face the ultrasonic beam can only see one direction at a time and it takes a certain amount of time to rotate 1 full 1 round around the ship. So, when fishing boats move likely signals ignored some of the fish and never saw it again fish.

With scanning the same time, MAQ SONAR scanning can detect signals more radical individuals, increasing their chances of detecting fish stocks in the mining process

One other outstanding feature Scanning MAQ SONAR is a lower frequency should be observed so far. Each fish has reflective nature different ultrasonic frequencies so one of Sonar cannot fit all types of fish and characteristics of all fishing grounds. Therefore, the review frequency selection matching object extraction is especially important in fishing.

The Practical Use Of Personal Detector:

Individual detectors by means of ultrasound is one of the specialized equipment fishing brings high productivity.Ultrasonic waves are reflected back by the receiver probe and displayed on the screen, indicating the location, the size of fish. Display screen using a modern method, information is processed rapidly and diversified, with a color screen helps price of fish density and nature of the seabed.

Memory major way, by connecting GPS coordinates learned during cargo operations.

Combining detection methods stand, read across, vertical, allowing the captain can just observe fish around the boat every position, both sections of space observations of water around the ship, estimated level concentration of fish … thereby increasing the probability caught the fish several times higher.

Detection probability due to higher fish populations, while operation of the ship less, thus reducing both fuel for cruise operators.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

Specifications Of Fish Finder

GARMIN FISHFINDER 350C is a dedicated individual detector. Underwater scanning equipment to find fish with a capacity of 300W uses object detection technology extremely sensitive new-generation Garmin HD-ID TM. The frequency transducers to optimize the ability to detect fish in both shallow water and deep water with large detection angle to 1200 to a depth of over 180m detection. Easy installation and large-screen color display. Screen 5 “WQVGA: Fish Finder 350C high-resolution (272 x 480 pixels) color display (256 colors), high definition to the shape of fish is displayed.

Why You Should Choose Machine Garmin Fish finder 560c?

With one of the best and brightest screens on the water most, echo 560C sonar line is designed specifically for freshwater fishing. Field sonar with 500 W power source and target tracking technology is integrated HD-IDTM comes. Quality video displays 640 x 480 pixels, to give you a great level of detail on fish stocks, the structure of the individual layers below.

With 560C, you can see farther, wider flow of fish below your boat thanks to a head by the two frequencies with 120 degrees viewing angle. Plus powerful sonar lets you see up to almost 600 meters deeper in fresh water.

Hope you have the best choice for this product.

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