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How To Play The Outdoor Sport Effectively In The Summer?

Summer has come and playing football becomes more difficult under the blazing sun and sweltering atmosphere of artificial turf soccer field. Make sure your body will quickly become hot and tired from lack of water.

What kind of water we should supply for the body? Which should be avoided during the process of practicing the outdoor sports? All these questions will be discovered carefully in this post.

Filtered Water Should Always Be The Number 1 Choice

In a 90-minute match or football training session with the same time, it is estimated that body consumes 2-3 liters of water to drain through the sweat (adults).

Children will take the less consumption of water. Therefore, the addition of water in the body is essential, especially in the hot weather. No any additional drink is better than the filtering water. This is the best cooling drink, which can be able to reduce fatigue the body.

However, though the water is the healthiest drink for the body, we also need to pay attention to the following:

Do Not Drink Too Much And Fast:

Drink plenty of fluids to help rehydrate the body quickly, put the body in a better state of play, but drinking too much and quickly will bring the counterproductive reaction.

It will make the muscle tissues and organs were fluid, causing tenderness in the abdomen as well as the rapid muscle fatigue. Also, drinking too much will dilute the electrolytes in the blood, which causes the body is lacking energy even more lacking.

Hygiene Problems:

If a bottle of boiled water, so you prepare yourself is okay; however, if the water is closed in the bottle, in the bucket by the courts, the problem preparation hygiene is a must to consider.

Buckets and plastic cups which are not guaranteed by the use of more hygienic, water and rock back there (if any) of unknown origin will make you run very fast – but not on the field that is on … toilet.

Iced Tea Is Also A Good Choice

This dish is no longer foreign to the movement footballer (soccer brushing). Like water, iced tea drinks as well as additional water is good for the body. The caffeine in tea helps the body more alert, as well as blood circulation faster. Coolness coming from iced tea also makes the body better recovery.

And like water, sanitation issues is always necessary to pay attention, because the iced tea is formulated even more unsanitary water. Surely you do not want to prepare scored the stomach is rolling hug you?

Electrolyte Water Sensible Choice

Drinking water will help your body electrolytes for rehydration and minerals! One other nutritious drinks for the soccer game under the hot summer sun.

Water and electrolyte supplements not only the country but also additional salts such as sodium, and potassium are minerals that the body loses through sweat as well as the energy consumption in the match. In professional football, electrolyte water is always the number one priority in the water tank of the club.

Between each game, a bottle of lemon salt or Revive, Aquarius, is ‘charger’ body is ‘out of battery your’ between hot weather. The only note when using this drink is not to choose too much sugar, it will cause the body to lose water faster.

As long as you desire to get the high efficiency for each practicing the outdoor activities, it is very important for you to check the whole tricks above. Following them strictly is the best way to ensure your health safety at maximum.


Things You Need To Concern When Taking Up Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sport is considered as the daily activities which have the great influence in strengthening the health as well as encourage people to interact with the outside environment.

In addition to correctly carrying the techniques for each sport, it is important for individuals to care about the diet which will be mentioned below during the process of practicing.

Say No To Soft Drinks And Energy Drinks

Soft drinks and energy drinks are the first drinks that should be taken out of the first when the body loses water. Aromatic sweetness of the sweet-scented bottle Sting, Red Bull or Coke can make the body feel more comfortable, but if you continue playing, practicing you will feel this is a false choice.

The concentration of CO2 in carbonated drinks as bloating and difficulty in movement. In addition, high sugar makes dehydration becomes more severe. Need really determined to say NO to fresh water when you play any types of outdoor sport.

Keep Yourself Powerful

For example, tennis does not require excessive strength, but the player must operate continuously during the competition. As a result, it is vital for the users to take the full consideration on their health. Other players must stay healthy in order to compete with, the other kids to play with intensity elderly.

Not only tennis, but with outdoor sports, if they play midday sun, this can lead to heatstroke, dehydration, as well as the state of electrolyte disorders. As long as the process last for a long time, players will not both promote their capacity and feel exhausted all the time.

Select The Suitable Sport

The important thing in practicing sports is to select subjects fit to play sex, age and physical fitness. The sport which requires more strength, constantly consumes energy like tennis is only suitable for young people. However, in our country, tennis players are usually middle-aged men with big belly.

At this age, the strenuous exercise sometimes back fires leading to severe injury or death. Almost no one thought to have general health check before playing, especially cardiovascular examination. Many players have fallen out of the game because of a heart attack, some of them coal aching shoulder, hand and foot joints because of injury without knowing it.

Get Out Of The Beer Or Alcohol

After exercise, the body sweating causes dehydration and the lack of vitamin B, but many people has the habit of going out for a beer, wine. Alcohol is a diuretic, which increases the electrolyte loss and damage will be worse. Some more practice tennis by increasing weight after exercise regularly get together party.

Select Appropriate Sports Shoes To Avoid Injury

Experts note that the need to monitor his health condition before deciding whether to play a sport. People with heart disease, they must be very careful because when practicing, circulation, respiration increases, easily lead to stroke on the field.

Men over 45 and women over 55 are at risk of injury during sport practice more, so do not put that training should gradually increase the amount of movement accordingly.

Should the players choose sports apparel, exercise equipment suitable for each subject, with special attention to shoes because the inappropriate shoes will seriously cause the injury.

The Weather Condition For Practicing

Environment also affect health such as hot and humid weather will cause the body to lose more water, rehydration should prompt timely. Do not drink alcohol before and after exercise, to have enough energy in the practice, we should eat lightly before 2 hours.

Actually, drink milk is the best but you can choose milk for sports people. After a period of continuous play, when playing back operation only gentle to the body getting used to the intensity of activity, then gradually enhance the intensity.


List Of The Most Important Tips For Playing Outdoor Sport Effectively

Taking up the outdoor sport is one of the hot trends around the world for keeping fitness as well as the powerful foundation of multitude individuals now. In order to make sure that the players can gain the best result after the process of practicing, it is important for them to have a look on the following tricks.

Well Prepare Physically And Psychologica

Sports activities and other activities is not similar. It is said that before practicing the sport, the players must have to fulfill the preparatory work on the body and the psychological factor.

Clearly understand about the body condition, fine tuning status mentality is most vital task to reduce to state of being overloading when practicing.

The Clothes For Practicing

Basic requirements for clothing in sports activities are “lightweight”. It is advised that during the process of training, players do not wear too much, which will severely affect the advocacy capacity. In addition, the key is “convenient”.

When choosing costumes, pay attention to the outfits which is spacious, gently or has the high elasticity. It is better to choose the sport uniform. Do not wear the one which is too tight because it will limit the scope of bone operation, which will affect the promotion of the technical level.

The special the principle when choosing the practicing uniform is “from thick to thin”. Based on the condition of the body, the player needs to consider removing outer clothing. After exercise, timely wear the clothes as losing a lot of sweating will lead to the flu.

Prepare Of Exercising Equipment

Before conducting the exercise and sports, individual needs to fully prepare all the tools as well as accessories for the sport they take up. The basic ones such as towels, drinking water, everyday objects are very vital.

Be Familiar With The Facility At The Training Places

The players are advised to consider and understand the specific accessories on yard.

It is recommended that should they spend time on looking around to check the quality of all these devices to make sure that there is no unexpected accident happening during the process of carrying the sport.

Consider The Weather And Climate.

The weather or the climate is an extremely essential factor. It is said that the good weather condition will bring a lot of favorable factors for the players.

The best advice is that individuals should not train in the too hot temperature to reduce the injuries such as burning skin or suffering from the accidents due to the strong influence of the ultraviolet. In addition, should the players be careful when practicing in the cold days.

Deeply understand the body resistance is one of the useful methods for taking the correct preparation as well as reduce the accidents during the time of training.

Take The Exercises Before Practicing

Before conducting the maximum movement, individuals are required to make some starting exercises, which can enhance the excitement of the nervous system and fix the slow operation of the internal organs, as well as reduce the injury advocacy.